Friday, November 29, 2013


This blog is.....dead.

Somehow dead. It's been almost a year since it was updated.

I feel bad, of course. But there have been ups and down in life. I'm believe sure it's with everyone as well. Just wanted to post something so that my blog doesn't feel lonely. I still remember you.

So with humans. They tend to not forget but only couldn't remember it, that's it.

Sound as an excuse it may but even if it's bad, worst or good, beautiful memories and events, how could it be forgotten just as one wanted?

Humans, stay alive.

I'll try to make more effort coming back here. Really. I still love this blog.



Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wastons Music Festival 2012

Where was I yesterday?! Yes! The Freaking Awesome Crazy Watsons Music Festival with Far East Movement, B.O.B and Mizz Nina! 

A collaboration with Galaxy, the concert was held at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur where this concert purposed to serve Watsons their valued customers and member by purchasing RM60 above in any outlet will be entitled to 2 tickets for this amazing concert!

I was there greatly because of MYC! as a Samsung Mobiler! A big thank you and a great hug for MYC! for this crazy concert! 

Amazing shots were taken and videos as well! 
[well, the quality are not of very high quality but will still be able to feel the atmosphere at that very moment!]

The very big banner located at the main entrance.

Look at these amazing tickets! Got the rock zone by the way! Lovessss!

D Stage. 
Stadium Merdeka with Watsons.

Nevertheless, Galaxy!

Random while waiting for the concert to commence. kekeke. 

The Stage Lighting!

Crowds in its wayyyy.


Then, here comes the moment. Rain!!! HAH. 
But, very considerate of Galaxy who had prepared rain coats for us! Great job!

Everyone just ran back and grab their spot! That include me of course!

VIP zone. A bit more glamour with umbrella in their seats. xD

Who do we have here?

DJ Jakeman and Skeletor to heat up the stage before the acts!

Here comes the first act! Mizz Nina!! Singing all her hit song especially What you waiting for and Take over and dances like a wild alpha female! 

Shake babyy!


She fire off da stage hott babyyyy!!


End of Mizz Nina and here come the swag rappppp. Bobby Bobby B.O.B!!! 
Showing off his extraordinary rapping and rocking the stage baby!!

Look at me man.


Da Rapper with Piano!


He just freaking walk down from the stage to VIP zone and right before my eyes!! What do you think babyyy??! 

B.O.B sangs 10 or more as I can remember?? He performed hits such as Where Are You, So Good Nothing On You, Airplane and lastest hit with Taylor Swift, Both of Us. 
B.O.B ended the stage with strange cloud! You'll know what it mean soon!


This has been a long waittttttt.

People shout it out!! For!!!

Make some noise for Kev Nish, Prohgress, J-Splif and DJ Virmannnnn!!!

That's our DJ Virmannn  babehhhh!! Dirty Bass!!!

Rocking out, Prohgress!!

And J-Splif!!

Rock it Rock that! Dirty Bass!!

Far East Movement T-shirt!

What's up KL people!!

Whatcha Want?!

Rock it with Dirty Bass!!

Turn Up the Love!!

Dirty Dirty Bass Maestro DJ Virman!!

Prohgress caught a monkey!! 

Dance Monkey dance!!

Clap clap!!



and Prohgress was being carried through Rock Zone!! You the man of the night!

They performed Dirty Bass mix, Turn Up the Love, Like A G6, Live My Life, So What, Girls on The Dance Floor, Change Your Life and Bass Head. 

The Music Festival was a Blast!! B.O.B and Far East Movement get your freaking ass here and had a real concert already!!!

To conclude, it was an amazing and blasting concert! Everyone are wild over there! I'll wait for the next concert by you guys soon!! Make it quick and imaginable for the audience! You rockkkk!!! 

Here a little video I recorded during the concert. Enjoyy! 

Watsons Music Festival 2012- Far East Movement, Turn Up the Love (Preview)

Watsons Music Festival 2012- Far East Movement, Like A G6!